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(Life on Earth) is both electronic and organic, intense and pensive, corporeal and surreal, creating an epic and moving soundtrack that celebrates life and its primal cycles.
— Vents Magazine

Life On Earth (2017)

The first single (and video) from the forthcoming album The Worn Out Air is called Life on Earth. It is a massive composition that features analog and digital synthesizers, mellotron, mandolin, sitar, celesta, harp, organ, tabla, drums, bass, string quintet, taiko drums, timpani, full orchestral string and brass ensembles and a soprano choir. The video for Life on Earth was created by Prix Ars Electronica®-winning video artist Glenn Marshall who created the accompanying generative art in this video using only mathematics and code using something called Processinglanguage. The stunning organic texture and fluid motion of the visuals were inspiration for the music, which uses a similar generative approach with modular sequences that grow and expand and serve as the foundation of all of the other instrumentation.

If you dig cinematic music akin to Vangelis and Angelo Badalamenti this will be right up your alley!
— Steve Albertson (Baby Robot Media)

Centaurus A (2015)

Centaurus A was written and produced between September-December 2015.  It features musical cues written and produced in my studio in Atlanta, GA. These pieces are largely orchestral with a heavy dose of electronic synthesizers and analog keyboards. The works were inspired by the music I experienced as a kid as an avid video game fanatic and Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 nerd.  It contains other influences as well, with hints of progressive rock, krautrock, electronic/experimental and 20th century orchestral music.